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When exiting commercial real estate assets, investors must understand the capital markets impact, market cycle conditions, property operations, micro-market supply & demand fundamentals and tax implications. At IMP, we analyze the portfolio of our clients through each of these lenses to provide the most comprehensive divestment solutions that bring the most value.

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Analyze important capital markets, micro-market and property trends. Get accurate property valuations and advice to maximize value and minimize risk in your portfolio.  

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Obtain reliable and cost-effective property operations strategies that  reposition your asset to achieve maximum income performance.

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Determine your exit strategy and get your asset in front of the right buyers with strategic property marketing. Access both a national & local network of commercial real estate investors, with our dedicated team of professionals there to vet prospects, and support the entire transaction from contract through closing.

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Source reliable, cost-competitive mortgage products for the acquisition, refinance or moderate rehabilitation of affordable housing and market-rate housing assets. At IMP we partner with both national & local lenders that offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, as well as bridge and conventional loans, to ensure our clients have the best capital markets solutions for their investments.  

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