Weiss Advice Podcast

Weiss Advice Podcast [00:01 – 04:15] Opening Segment Whitney talks about how her company was started Whitney shares why she invests in the multifamily asset class.
[04:16 – 13:29] Finding Deals in A Crazy Market Whitney shares her secrets in finding deals in the current crazy state of the market Financing deals – it all depends on what kind of deal you're working on.
[13:30 – 18:41] Work-Life Balance Finding free time while immersing yourself in your business. Focus on what you want – that's why Whitney focuses on real estate.

Tweetable Quotes: "To start this business right before Covid hit, it kinda was scary. It was like, 'what the heck?'" – Whitney Ward "Having a relationship with God and just being at peace with your life, I think that's success." – Whitney Ward

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The Multifamily Review Podcast

Ep. 20 – Creating Better Communities – Interview w/ Whitney Ward | Hosted by Michael Avent

The Multifamily Review Podcast tells the stories of multifamily professionals having an impact on today's multifamily industry. Review Listener's will learn a lot from our guests and be able to use their experience for their own multifamily business or investments. This podcast is for multifamily professionals, and both passive and active multifamily professionals.

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Target Market Insights Podcast

Key Multifamily Property Management and Asset Management Insights
- The benefits of using a full-service multifamily broker and management service
- How Whitney built Intuitive Management Partners
- Working on a fee-based vs. an equity stake in deals
- Best practices for asset and property management
- The differences between an asset and property management
- Challenges and solutions of working with large property management companies
- What to expect when working with a property management company (pay attention to the fees!)

You should manage 3rd party or partnership opportunities the same way and the fees should be the same as well.
- The advantages of partnering vs. hiring a third party management company
- The state of the multifamily market and how it has impacted acquisitions.